Yes… at times we find ourselves evicted from our own home by our ever-expanding collection of life’s acquisitions.


Perhaps it’s time to face the reality that deep down we all have an inner hoarder within us and need to start the journey of the de-cluttering process... it can be a confronting one yes, but what better time to do so than when you are moving house. 


There may however be some hard questions to face.

What to keep? What to store? What to sell? And what to throw out? All very hard questions to have to answer on your own as when one is too close to the masterpiece, it can seem an impossible and overwhelming task to navigate through.


The role of the Butler is to be the head of the household and to take charge of the inconveniences. We work with you to organise, plan and sort. We deliberate from the important, to the non-important. Consciously we sort. To keep, or not to keep?


We live in a world where it’s become the norm to have 5 different versions of the same item. Do we really need all this “stuff” to be happy? It may be time to dig deep and ask yourself, what is better than the material possession itself? If it no longer serves you purpose! Alongside our SA based charity partners, we will find someone who can put it to good use. For it is in giving that we receive.