What are the advantages of The Butler Moved It services ?

A caring, dedicated, comprehensive service, tailored to meet the needs of each individual client. With us, all you need do, is relax.

How long with the process take ?

Each assignment varies to accommodate client circumstances, but from strategy planning to assignment completion, our aim is to conclude relocation within one month.

What will it cost for The Butler Moved It to move us ?

The range of particulars that identify all actionable processes necessary to bring about a smooth, happy relocation for our clients, ultimately determines the cost. Following our free onsite consultation, we will supply our proposed fee via email within 24 hours.

Will I need insurance to secure my move ?

Move insurance will be factored by The Butler Moved It. However, you must hold and continue to hold building and contents insurance and public liability insurance for your premises.

Who will be my contact throughout ?

Integral parts of our business ethos are: Personalisation, and; Exceptional Client Service, that aims at complete customer satisfaction. We will assign one person as your: go-to person. That person: also being one of the 3 owners of The Butler Moved It, will guide and follow each aspect and particular to assignment completion.

Who will be responsible for overseeing particulars and processes ?

Exactly as above! But we can also add that our team supports our extended Butler team of professionals. Should one become incapacitated for any reason, another will be introduced and assigned in place. Our personalised, and exceptional client service, does not change throughout.

Can you facilitate a remote client ? e.g.: I live in America and need to relocate my elderly parents in Adelaide.

Yes! We understand that what were once unusual circumstances, are now becoming much more frequent, and at The Butler Moved It, we apply the same outstanding level of Commitment, Care and Personalisation, as conveyed to our local clients. The initial consulation can be organised over skype if required. Even if you're based overseas, all you need do with us, is relax.

What's the first step ?

The first step is to consult with you. Utilising our compehensive The Butler Moved It personalised moving plan check list, we discuss and determine all the various particulars concerned with the move. Or any other specific aspect that may require our services.

What is the fee for consultation ?

There is no consultation fee. Feel free to book a free consultation without obligation by getting in touch via email or phone.