Need some boxes and packing supplies to get you started with your move? The Butler Starter Pack is the perfect option to get you on your way!




  • 10 x medium boxes 
  • 5 x large boxes
  • 1 x tape dispenser gun
  • 1 x packing tape roll
  • 16 x generic box labels (blank)
  • 1 x marker pen
  • *FREE delivery to Adelaide metropolitan areas

The Butler Starter Pack

  • Medium box measures: L 406mm x W 298mm x H 431mm (approx 50L carton)

    - sturdy cardboard box ideal for moving light to medium weight items like books, games, toys, crockery and general, smaller household items.

    Large box measures : L 425mm x W 370mm x H 640mm (approx 100L carton)

    - sturdy cardboard box ideal for moving large and heavy items including linen, clothing, footwear, kitchen appliances and general household items.